Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 15-22, 2008 - Frankfurt, Germany

On a short trip to Frankfurt Germany this week I took a few shots of this special city that combines in its architecture the ultra modern with the medieval. The Euro 2008 (European soccer championship) was taking place in Europe and the city stopped to watch the games every evening at 8:45 pm. Every night, after the game, the winning team would celebrate till the wee hours by singing, beating on drums, chanting their country’s name and honking their cars' horns. All this under the tolerant eye of the German police that exercised commendable restrain to restrict the fans' exuberance. All I can say, thank God for double-pane windows…

The Eschenheimer Turm, a 154-foot high gothic tower, is one of the few remaining towers of the medieval fortifications that encircled the city of Frankfurt. It was built in 1428.
This is my room at the Fleming's Hotel in Frankfurt. Quite an interesting setup with the shower in a glass enclosure right in the room.

Yet another unusual feature found at this hotel is the continuous elevator, one of the few in the world.

Modern Frankfurt skyline.
Marvels of technology side by side: 15th century and 21st century.
I just loved the lines and the light hitting this staircase.
It was the night of the Turks in Frankfurt on Friday, June 20th. Qualifying for the very first time ever in the semi-finals of the European Soccer Championship was a major achievement for them.
The DZ Bank tower.
Quite an interesting sculpture depicting an upside down neck tie in Frankfurt's banking district...
Future German Soccer fans.
Eye caching AIDS prevention campaign poster.

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