Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shauna & Brandon - May 23, 2008 - Laguna Beach

Though an unexpected storm ravaged Southern California in the few days before the wedding, bringing such uncharacteristic elements like hail, torrential downpours and even tornadoes(!) it all stopped just in time for Shauna and Brandon’s beautiful wedding ceremony at Hotel Laguna. Shauna surprised Brandon with a “For Your Eyes Only” album we designed a few weeks ago and by the expression on the groom’s face his eyes loved what he saw. After the ceremony we went to the beach to have some fun and take pictures where the girls were surprised by an unexpected wave. As soon as we were done the heavy rain resumed. How’s that for a bride’s luck?! Inside, the reception was so much fun nobody cared about the weather. The newlyweds are off to Jamaica to soak up the tropical sun. Ya mon!

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  1. The pix are amazing! Looks so good w/ the dark clouds....and the pic w/ the four of them kissing is sooo cute!!!